Steve Morris – My Journey to Adherence 360

Medication adherence is an important healthcare issue that needs fixing. Problem solving is my passion and this is my ‘journey’ to the setting up of Adherence360; a site focused on improving adherence.

About Me and My ‘Journey’


I’m a strategist and a communicator, who has worked in healthcare-related roles all my career. I’ve worked in many different chronic conditions, including:

Hypertension • Dyslipidemia • Coronary artery disease • Congestive heart failure • Diabetes • Asthma • COPD • Depression • Glaucoma 

A factor common to all these conditions is patients often don’t take their medications as prescribed. So over the years I’ve developed a strong interest in the subject of adherence.

The rise of medication adherence as a vital healthcare issue has reawakened my interest.

I also have a good working knowledge of the U.S. healthcare infrastructure. And understand the pressures being placed physicians, pharmacists, payers, patients, and the public at this time of significant healthcare reform.

Now that I have a little more time on my  hands, I’ve been thinking about ways in can use all this knowledge ‘to give something back’. At the same time, medication adherence has become a vital healthcare issue.

An area of both high personal interest and high unmet need. Potentially a great fit!

A first challenge was getting myself up-to-date. So I immersed myself in an online exploration of current adherence issues. It proved quite a task, sifting through a wide variety of articles, papers, editorials, news releases, reviews, studies, white papers, and more (currently 500+ items and still climbing).

There’s certainly a wealth of information out there on adherence, though this information is scattered over 100s of sites. It’s not easy to find all the relevant pieces and it’s difficult to meaningfully connect the pieces together. There are many different reasons why patients don’t adhere. And individual reason-sets are different from one patient to the next. So there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Many different healthcare groups have an interest in medication adherence. And many different possible answers are being explored. However collaborative, cross-group thinking on how to improve adherence is not as common as one might hope.

From my online ‘journey’, I was left with several impressions as to where current progress on improving adherence stands:

  1. Information and viewpoints are narrowly focus (eg, dealing with one stakeholder’s perspective, or with one potential solution approach)
  2. Very little is available that offers a truly integrated, multi-stakeholder view of how to solve the problem
  3. Proposed adherence solutions appear narrowly focused and don’t address the wide range of reasons for patients’ non-adherence
  4. Multi-component solutions are needed, but little has been written about how to construct such solutions

These impressions became the driving force behind Adherence360

The Adherence360 idea arose out of the need for more integrated approaches to solving medication adherence.

Adherence360 aims to draw important strands together and help expedite creation of cohesive, comprehensive solutions. Through this approach readers will hopefully gain better insights into how the various moving parts can best be linked together to produce multi-component solutions. Solutions that both improve adherence and are customized to specific patient needs.

For more information on Adherence360, click on the following link.

Steve Morris, September, 2013

Disclosures: I am an independent freelance consultant. I have not received, nor do I currently receive, any funding to create and run this blog site.

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