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When a medication regimen is more complex (eg, multiple tablets, multiple times a day), the greater the likelihood of nonadherence. Medication simplification describes the process where healthcare providers (HCPs) seek to reduce the potential fo nonadherence by simplifying dosage and dosing frequency (eg, single tablet, once daily – whenever possible).

Improving Adherence – Aligning Interventions to Reasons, pt 2

Part 2 of this post examines proven interventions for improving adherence. Then it looks at how these interventions match up to with the ‘top ten’ reasons for non-adherence (see Part 1). Matching interventions to reasons is important, because approaches are then aligned with individual patient needs. Every story needs a beginning, middle, and end. Part 1 of this post represented the beginning; proposing a top ten reasons why patients don’t adhere to… Read More »