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Non-adherence can differ from patient to patient. For example, one patient may miss tablets early on, but becomes more more adherent as time goes by. Another patient may start off taking a medication as instructed, but over time becomes increasingly non-adherent. A third patient may be consistently erratic in their tablet taking, without any clear pattern. These are examples of different non-adherence behaviors. Understanding these different behaviors – and the reasons underlying these behaviors – can provide important insights into how best to manage and improve patients’ adherence to medications.

Interesting New Study on Classifying Non-adherence

New ways of describing adherence behavior types may allow better prediction and management of non-adherence. Commitments to Reduce Non-adherence CVS Caremark is probably best known as one of the largest U.S. pharmacy groups. What may be less well-known are its strong commitments to improve medication adherence. Commitments that include research partnerships with leading academic and hospital centers, like Harvard, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and University of Pennsylvania. A list of… Read More »