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Patients make decisions to adhere or not to adhere to a doctor’s treatment recommendations. These decisions are influenced by many different factors. Some inputs may be based on emotions or feelings; others may be based on information and logic. It’s important to recognize and understand these fundamentally different influences. Applying logical arguments to address an emotionally driven point-of-view is unlikely to be successful.

HCP Solutions to Poor Adherence: Should Logic or Emotion Be the Focus?

When HCPs address issues of poor adherence with their patients, where should their focus lie? Should it be more on logic or on emotion? Here are a few thoughts about why emotion should be front-of-mind. Two recent publications got me thinking again about the roles of emotion and logic in adherence-related decisions. This time from the HCP perspective. HCPs Show Poor Adherence to Treatment Guidelines A report from the Dartmouth… Read More »

Patients’ Adherence Decision-Making: The Roles of Emotion and Logic

For patients, adherence decision-making is based on a mix of emotion and logic. Understanding where an individual patient’s balance point lies and responding appropriately could be a major key to better adherence. Roles of Emotion and Logic in Decision-Making If asked whether your decision-making processes leaned more on logic or emotion; what would you say? I’d guess most of us believe our decisions emerge from a rational and logical consideration… Read More »