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Some barriers to adherence may be very specfic, such as cost or health literacy. Other barriers may be non-specific, yet may have far-reaching impacts. For instance, a lack of patient motivation to change their adherence behavior can minimize or negate the benefits other other interventions. In this site, such barriers that have far-reaching, significant impacts are described as ‘veto barriers’.

Motivational Interviewing: 6 Reasons It’s Key to Adherence

Patient motivation is a critical to the success of any adherence intervention. Without it, patients lack the energy or desire to follow through on recommended solutions. Here are 6 reasons to make Motivational Interviewing a cornerstone of adherence improvement. Patient Motivation Is Pivotal My last post described patient motivation as the ‘fuel’ needed to drive an ‘adherence improvement engine’ (see here for the full story). Without this ‘fuel’, adherence improvement… Read More »

Are We Ignoring Important Adherence Information?

What if all barriers to adherence are not created equal? The immensity of available adherence information may obscure core ‘veto’ barriers that negate common types of intervention. Exploring this idea opens up major new adherence insight opportunities. Hidden Gems of Adherence Information It’s a common enough phrase, but how about if it applies to medication adherence? After years of research, have we gotten to the point where we can’t see… Read More »